Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Just imagine that after each medical consultation or hospital stay, you were to pay a high invoice out of your own pocket. This could soon place you  depending on the invoiced amount  into financial difficulties. That is why health insurance coverage is mandatory by law in Germany. In case of health problems, health insurers are to provide the insured person with the money that is needed to pay, for example, an appointment with your physician or a required surgery or a medical prevention measure.


What is covered? *

VELA LightVELA OptimalVELA Basis
Out-patient curative treatment100%
Psychotherapeutic treatment100%-
Medical aids following an accident250.00 €100 %250.00 €
Visual aids every three years-100.00 €-
In-patient treatment100%
Follow-up treatments after inpatient stay--
Out-patient preventive medical checkups--
Vaccinations for children--
Pain-relieving dental treatments per insured year750.00 €100 %750.00 €
Repairs of already existing dental prosthesis per insured year 50 %-2,600.00 €300.00 €
Dentures per insured year-2,600.00 €300.00 €
Medically necessary pregnancy treatments100 %
Prenatal care and deliveries100 %
Costs of return to own country for medical reasons3,000.00 €100 %3,000.00 €
Costs for burial / repatriation3,000.00 €10,000.00 €3,000.00 €

* = Pleae click here for further explanations on insurance benefits. Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions of Insurance in detail.

Which restrictions of the insurance cover are to be considered in the health insurance?

Insurance cover does not exist for e.g.*:

  • Treatments that constitute the sole reason or one of the reasons for the entry of the Federal Republic of Germany and for treatments of which it was certain prior to the journey that they would have to take place under scheduled circumstances unless the death of a spouse or a first degree relative was the reason for the journey. 
  • Previous illnesses within the tariff VELA Light and VELA Basis
  • Withdrawal treatments including withdrawal cures, detoxification treatments and cessation therapies
  • Out-patient curative treatment in a spa or health resort 
  • Treatments due to an AIDS infection diagnosed with the insured person prior to the inception date of the insurance
  • Treatments by alternative practitioners
  • Treatments due to disturbances and /or defects of the reproductive organs, abortion and treatments that lead to pregnancy.

Waiting times:

With preventive examination for pregnancy and deliveries insurance cover begins after a waiting time of eight months has elapsed. The waiting time starts with the first day of the insurance inception. 

For all other benefits the general waiting time is three months. The general waiting time is not required: 

  • with accidents and for the event that medical care is needed to prevent acute danger to the insured person´s life 
  • when insurance cover has been taken out within 30 days after the Federal Republic of Germany has been entered. 
  • With the tariff VELA Optimal if in the case of an immediate transfer from the statutory health care or from the tariff VELA Light or VELA Basis in so far as completed periods of insurance can be taken into account as general waiting times. 

* = The General Insurance Terms of the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Hamburg are legally binding.

For the exact listing please throw a glance at the insurance terms (VELA Basis/Optimal/Light) here.


What are the monthly insurance premiums?

VELA LightVELA OptimalVELA Basis
1st - 12th month29.50 €78.00 €34.50 €
13th - 60th month49.00 €78.00 €60.00 €

1st - 12th month28.50 €53.00 €34.50 €
13th - 60th month39.00 €53.00 €47.00 €

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